Spagnolo Lashes Out at Corruption and Crime Commission

advocate shash nigam with his clients

A former Bayswater City Council employee has lashed out at Western Australia’s corruption watchdog after charges against him were dropped.

Adam Spagnolo was charged after an investigation by the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) into the letting of carpet contracts by the city.

Three charges were dropped last month and the fourth and final count was withdrawn today.

Prosecutors told the District Court there was no reasonable prospect of a conviction because an innocent explanation could not be ruled out.

Mr Spagnolo was not in court today, but his lawyer Shash Nigam read a statement on his behalf.

“[What] the Triple C has done to both me and my family over the past three years is despicable it is inconceivable the amount of time, effort and resources the Triple C has relentlessly engaged in to secure a conviction in a matter that wasn’t even remotely in the public interest,” he said.

The CCC has since issued a statement which says that at the time Mr Spagnolo was charged it believed there was a prima facie case against him, based on the evidence it collected during its investigations.

The CCC also pointed out that as a result of those investigations, Mr Spagnolo pleaded guilty to 12 charges relating to the 2003 Stirling council elections and was fined $27,000.