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    Nigams Legal is fully committed to the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) . We aim to protect your privacy and the integrity of any personal information provided to us. Please review the following information and contact our team with enquiries surrounding our privacy policy.

    Information Held By Us

    Nigams Legal holds a significant amount of personal information including, but is not limited to, names, addresses, dates of births, medical records, rehabilitation records, financial records, character references, criminal records, and so on.

    Our Website

    If you choose to contact us or submit information while making an enquiry, we’ll hold any personal information you give us in confidence. Otherwise, we will not collect any personal information when you visit our site. We may gather general statistical information such as:

    • The browser you used
    • the pages, articles and links accessed
    • When (i.e. date, time) you accessed our site
    • The domain name portion of your email addresses

    While Nigams Legal takes all possible actions to protect the personal information of those who visit our site, we are not responsible for breaches attributable to any malicious attack (e.g. malware, etc) of our site.

    Why Do We Collect Personal Information?

    We collect different types of personal information (as referred to above) for a variety of reasons. The information may come from our clients or other parties to legal proceedings (or potential parties), doctors, rehabilitation providers, investigators, expert witnesses and other agencies, so we can perform our role effectively. We provide legal advice on the basis of that personal information or use it in the course of litigation.

    Often in personal injury claims, medical, rehabilitation and financial information is critical to the conduct of the claim. This information is obtained through a variety of sources for the purpose of handling the personal injury claim on behalf of our clients.

    Similarly, in criminal defence matters we collect information with regards to the record of prior convictions, character references, enforcement history, dependent persons and the like.

    If you have provided personal information for the purposes of an enquiry (e.g., through ‘contact us’). Your information is then used strictly for the purpose you intended.

    Disclosing Personal Information To Contractors and Others

    Nigams Legal only discloses personal information to contractors and others for legitimate business purposes. Those entities might include health professionals, investigators, experts, other parties to litigation, barristers, etc.

    Generally, contractors (and to whom we disclose information) are employed by us in our capacity, as agents for our clients.

    In some circumstances, we may be required by law to disclose personal information to others. The law permits us to disclose your information for law enforcement and public safety reasons.


    If you have concerns or complaints regarding how we have handled your personal information please contact Sharad Nigam by email  or call 08 9221 1818. Alternatively, you may contact us by post.

    If you are not satisfied with the response, please contact the Federal Privacy Commissioner at or by telephone on 1300 363 992 .

    Our Contact Details

    For ease of reference, our postal address, telephone number and email contact details are all at the ‘ Contact us ’ page.

    If I Want To See My Personal Information?

    There are legal constraints (such as legal professional privilege) on what we are able to release to you. Subject to any such constraints, we will release the personal information we hold about you on request. There may be some costs involved and there may be some delay, particularly if the request is complex, detailed or otherwise onerous.

    Please direct your request to Sharad Nigam by email or call 08 9221 1818.

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